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  • Ayurveda is not merely a remedy and curing science, it is the guide to a healthy living throughout the life of a human.
  • There are eight disciplines of Ayurveda treatment:
    • Kaaya-chikitsa - Internal medicine
    • Kaumarabhrtyam - Paediatrics
    • Shalya-chikitsa - Surgery
    • Shalakya tantra- Eye and ENT
    • Bhuta vidy - Demonic possession
    • Agadatantram - Toxicology
    • Rasayana - immunity and rejuvenation
    • Vajikaranam - improving health of progeny
  • Ayurvedic treatments and medicines are use plants, animal products and minerals.
  • The 8 Essential Components of Ayurveda Healing are:
    • Locating the patient’s constitution
    • Locating the present imbalance of doshas in the patient's body
    • Find the reason and causes of illness such as lifestyle, diet, genetic predisposition, emotional and relationship factors, psychological factors etc.
    • Initiating treatment is to remove the cause
    • Give appropriate regimen like exercise, yoga, diet and relaxation accordingly to person’s constitution and environment changes, etc.
    • Detoxification treatment
    • Rejuvenate the body in order to strengthen specific organs and tissues
    • Antagonistic therapies

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