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At Sun India Pharmacy, we are as close to the environment as our products are. Ayurveda is a derivative of nature and that brings us even closer to the sustainable environment concern. Due to out nature of work and involvement of the environment in it, we are completely and in every way devoted to conservation of nature and energy. All our practices and processes are directed towards a healthy and safe environment, thus minimizing wastage, lesser energy consumption and stringent safety measures are an integral part of the company’s functioning.

With each passing day, the world is facing growing challenges in the realm of environmental conservation and we endeavor to contribute in every possible way to build an eco-friendly nation and an eco-friendly world. With adherence to the GMP norms, our production facilities and laboratories follow strict quality standards and are certified. The production units are equipped with high quality air conditioners and heat ventilators to manage the temperature control and humidity.

Sun India Pharmacy has been particular about the quality of products as well as the impact on environment and hence the company has installed a water effluent treatment plan and air lock systems with HEPA filters of 0.3 microns to make sure that the possibility of cross contamination of products is ruled out.

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