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We Care for your health, well-being and happiness

We at Sun India Pharmacy Pvt. Ltd. believe in this philosophy.


This Story began in the year 1983, with a small Ayurvedic Unit at Orai (U.P.) set up by Dr. S.R. Niranjan and Mrs. MadhuriNiranjan. Under their able leadership, we are now an established player in patent Ayurvedic segment with a nationwide marketing network.

  • We are now into vertical growth trajectory and have commissioned a GMP/WHO compatible Generic Pharma unit at Rudrapur (U.K.) and Noida (U.P.).
  • We believe in one simple mission that is a good health & happiness for all on which we are working tirelessly to provide world class quality medicines at reasonable prices.

We have GMP/WHO compatible manufacturing facilities with a state of art laboratory at the following locations.
(a) Ayurvedic manufacturing unit is located at ORAI (U.P)
(b) We have Generic Pharma, Soft Gel & O.T.C unit at Rudrapur (U.K)
(c) Now we are coming up with Ayurvedic & Herbal Cosmetics section at another unit in Noida, (U.P.).
Our product range includes Tablets, Cosmetics, Hardgel cap, Softgel cap, Protein dietary supplements, Liquid orals and Beta-lectum etc. Our product range is of International Quality & shall set a new benchmark for other Generic or O.T.C players to follow this is what we believe.

Over the years, Sun India Pharmacy has successfully established a perfect network across the country and is making constant efforts to reach the remotest areas of India with its products. With presence in micro interior markets and distributors in every district HQ, the base of the company is already strong and expansion is on the cards.
The company has several stockists at town levels and the company aims at makings its presence felt in every part of the country in the coming years. With the hope of a healthy India, we work towards the objective of spreading awareness and our high quality and yet affordable Ayurvedic medicine.

Healthcare Initiatives

Sun India Pharmacy has made a major contribution to the social welfare as well as the economical effectiveness of medication in the Indian market. Ours is a country where the number of destitute people is certainly large even today and our sole aim is to make health remedies available to the masses with a cost-effectiveness and enhanced accessibility. We make an effort to produce products that benefit the doctors who recommend our medicines and most importantly the patients.
We are committed to wellbeing and we are tirelessly working towards a better tomorrow for the Ayurvedic/Allopathic industry in India and overseas.


Sun India pharmacy is strongly devoted to good health for all and all our future endeavors are directed towards intensification of the business by following an organic growth pattern.

We are on the quest for feasible acquisition opportunities in order to expand our operations in India and overseas. Aiming at the growing market, we aim to expand our business into the Dubai and USA territories in the next two years.
Moreover we also aim at making our products available in the remotest areas of the country to spread awareness and ensure healthiness for one and all.


With a strong commitment to healthiness for all, we steer all our endeavors towards enabling more and more of the people to gain access to medical products all over the country.

With a strong commitment to healthiness for all, we steer all our endeavors towards enabling more and more of the people to gain access to medical products all over the country. We believe in utilizing modern science to bring out the essence of nature and provide effective and high quality medicines at affordable prices. Our medicines are produced under strict quality controls and testing processes and are based on profound researches thereby ensuring the effectiveness of medicines.

Employee Healthcare

Sun India Pharmacy being a coherent organization is very particular about the health and hygiene of its employees within and beyond the working premises. We follow all stringent practices to ensure employee hygiene and safety. The company is fully secure with appropriate and sufficient first aid facilities while we take extra care to setup the entire production unit with safety equipments and arrangement.
We organize frequent training programmes for our employees to ensure that the safety and health standards are met and followed consistently within and outside the working premises. Moreover, our employees undergo a complete medical examination quarterly. The company ensures that the people associated with Sun India Pharmacy are healthy and fit and provides full support wherever required.
The employees are the ones that represent any organization and at Sun India Pharmacy, we preserve our resources to the fullest and care.

Environmental Concern

At Sun India Pharmacy, we are as close to the environment as our products are. Ayurveda is a derivative of nature and that brings us even closer to the sustainable environment concern.

Due to our nature of work and involvement of the environment in it, we are completely and in every way devoted to conservation of nature and energy. All our practices and processes are directed towards a healthy and safe environment, thus minimizing wastage, lesser energy consumption and stringent safety measures are an integral part of the company’s functioning.
With each passing day, the world is facing growing challenges in the realm of environmental conservation and we endeavor to contribute in every possible way to build an eco-friendly nation and an eco-friendly world. With adherence to the GMP norms, our production facilities and laboratories follow strict quality standards and are certified. The production units are equipped with high quality air conditioners and heat ventilators to manage the temperature control and humidity.
Sun India Pharmacy has been particular about the quality of products as well as the impact on environment and hence the company has installed a water effluent treatment plan and air lock systems with HEPA filters of 0.3 microns to make sure that the possibility of cross contamination of products is ruled out.




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